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FAQs about Sign Hear

Do you service NDIS participants?

Yes we do! We support adults and children who identify as Deaf or hard of hearing with an NDIS plan and those who just need some assistance with Auslan needs can also access our services through their NDIS plan.

Are you NDIS registered?

Yes we are! Sign Hear provides supports to all NDIS participants regardless of how funds are managed along with private paying clients throughout Sydney NSW and also remotely.

How do I make payment for services and what do you charge?

Sign Hear sends invoices to all our clients with a 14 day period for payments. As our services are tailored to each person, please contact us for our rates.

Why choose Sign Hear?

We can help you in designing a plan to best suit your needs and how we can help you acheive your goals.
Sign Hear believes in choice and control. You decide what you want to happen, including the type of support you need. There may be existing support workers or other people you already work with, we can assist by working alongside those services. We will ensure that your person-centred plan has the flexibility to provide as many options as possible within your budget. This means that activities will occur at times and in circumstances to best suit your needs.


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