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Employment Services Support

Have you been struggling to find employment or need assistance with creating a new resume or updating your current resume and cover letter? Do you need assistance with interview preparation skills? Sign Hear can assist by providing a tailored employment services plan and can work directly with you or alongside your employment agency or disability employment provider.

Support Coordination

We know that NDIS can be really confusing and understanding your plan can be overwhelming! Our Support Coordinator can help you to achieve your goals and find the right supports, address barriers and transform your life. Our Support Coordinator is experienced working within the Deaf and hard of hearing communities and help you navigate the NDIS system by empowering you, increasing your confidence and understanding so that you become more independent.

Auslan Support Services

Are you looking for an Auslan interpreter? We provide Auslan interpreters for individuals and also workplaces. If you need someone to translate Auslan to English, we can help! Overwhelmed with the amount of documents and documents you have? We can organise someone to come to your home and help you read through your documents, translate in Auslan and assist with making calls on your behalf.

Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf Awareness Training (DAT) is highly recommended for workplaces who have just hired a Deaf employee, Sign Hear provides these services under EAF and are tailored to each workplace. Some of the topics covered during DAT will be; understanding the Deaf

Community and Deaf Culture,

barriers Deaf people face, Employment Assistance Funding

and Auslan signs for the workplace.

Communicating with Sign Language

Deaf Mentoring

Deaf Mentoring can assist families in a variety of ways such as understanding their childs needs and empower families to build stronger and healthier relationships with each other. We also work with young adults who are still finding their way into the world and need a strong Deaf role model to build their confidence and learn how to self advocate and become more connected within the Deaf Community

Auslan Tutoring

Sign Hear can assist with teaching you or your family Auslan either face to face in a variety of settings such as your home or a public location or if you are interstate or prefer online we also provide this option too. Auslan can be taught in a group setting, one on one or a mixture of both 

Auslan Teaching in Schools and Childcare

Sign Hear is a huge advocate for public schools and educational institutions to include Auslan within their curriculum and provide these services across NSW. Auslan sessions can be provided in your school or childcare centre and can be tailored around the topics taught during class time. Learning Auslan is a wonderful way for children to understand the language, build an understanding of lessons and storytelling and increase an interest and awareness which brings people together through Auslan

Group Auslan Training

If you and your friends are wanting to get together and learn a new language together, Sign Hear can tailor a package for your needs. Perhaps your workplace is keen to learn Auslan or you are wanting to include Auslan as part of your personal development career plan, Sign Hear can assist with helping you achieve your goals. 

Sign Language


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